Thursday, May 17, 2012

GREETINGS from Cochabamba!  We have been quite busy, but only have good news.  We have jobs!  Which means Bolivia will now be our new home, we will be able to stay and really serve the congregation and the territory!  We are very happy about this and EXTREMELY greatful to Jehovah for having given us the opportunity to make this home.  We are working as online english teachers, we are enjoying this VERY much.  Giving bible studies has always given me great satisfaction and I always thought how great it would be if I was actually a I AM!!!  Remember when I went with you Karen those couple of time to assist as you taught english, now I am, in a virtual classroom where I actually have backup and the lessons are provided for me!  How cool is that?!?!?!  And we will make enough money working part-time to live here comfortably possibly enroll Dakota in a private school, and travel home!!!   Jehovah is AWESOME!!!  

Below you will see some pics of a congregation outing we took a few weeks ago to some falls here in Cochabamba. Also Koddie at a kid's party this Sunday, each of the 28 kids we have in our hall came dressed as a different bible character.  Then we played a sort of guessing bible game, each kid gave some details about their character and the others had to guess who they were.  Dakota was glowing with happiness all afternoon!

We also have some pics of our new estante mobil (mobil stand) we are now working every Saturday at a Car Fair in our territory...we have started many RV's and BS with this new wonderful tool.  People come up in curiosity and we have been able to have many wonderful conversations!  This stand can move everywhere and anywhere with it's little wheels.  Dakota even started a bible study, with the Watchtower article for 3yr olds in the May 1st mag!  I didn't have my camara that day...but next time I will definatly go prepared and take more pics.  All by her self she went up to the little girl who's mom had an orange juice stand next to our's and started going over the article with her after I had given the mother the magazines.  The lady was sooooo pleased she gave us free orange juice! 

Dakota has also been studing the bible story book with the neighbor kids (don't worry they live in the house right in front and Dakota is always inside the gates)  they come out to play and she takes her bible story book out when they come out and her MPD player ( as she says...she just can't get the 3!)  so they can hear what each story is about!  The other day I put the Kingdom Melodies on at home and she runs inside and tells me, "mom put it really high so my friends can hear!"  She is doing really great!!!  Everywhere she goes she is happy she is, and how proud it makes us!  She is making a wonderful witness to Jehovah's name!!!  

We love you all and hope you enjoy this BLOG!!!  :-)

Cute Koddie with growing Pinky!  :-) 

A group of us from the congregation went to the falls of Parque Pairumani

We walked through a tunnel

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Hiked up 3 hrs, but it was so high and it got late we never got to see the lake at the top! :-(  It sure was an adventure though!

Dakota was Hanna, Samuel's mother.

Little modern Isrealites!!!

Dakota hiked up 2hrs....refusing help...she is a little hiker!  Reminds me of that time we went to Rocky Mountain National Park and Karen showed Koddie how to hike!  Karen she doesn't need anyone's hand anymore!  She can even run a straight mile without stopping!  We went the other day and we had to tell her when to slow down on our run!!! 

Estante mobil, mobile stand.


  1. I am so proud of you guys keep putting our father Jehovah first and he will always bless your family.