Saturday, April 14, 2012

Koddie looking after Pinky and Tazo Jr. they are getting along very well now...and we have finally decided to KEEP Tazo Jr.  As long as he is outside and I keep away, my allergies do not act up! :-)

At the Memorial we are 109 publishers, and we have 357 in attendance...a few of which didn't show because instead of coming to the hall we rented they went to the Kingdom Hall with the neighboring congregation!  What an exciting night!

Koddie with her friends at Memorial

So we went to the Mica to Preach a kinda issolated part of our territory lots of farm land.  We walked several miles so I bought the running stroller along so Koddie wouldn't have to walk so much.  Halfway there in 90 weather with the sun burning down on us Koddie fell asleep and my partner and I had to carry koddie and the stroller through this river of sorts relly a street washed away by the rain 50 feet of so...we made it, but boy was it an adventure!  Jehovah gave us the strength and man I have run many miles with this stroller....but NOW it has my utmost respect!!!

Made it to La Mica!

Mexican Tacos in Bolivia man those brothers ate till they couldn't anymore!

At the Plaza!

Here is our latest update ,past few weeks are flown by.  We are enjoying every minute that goes by, and Koddie is blossoming, which is our #1 goal here!  Hope all is well back home, we love and think of you all often! :-)

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  1. Awww- love the kitty pics...although I am a bit bias....Spence loves them too, but won't admit it;) Just passed along you info to a family with two kids looking to move down there. They would love advice and you guys are perfect for it! Keep up the good work!!!!!