Monday, April 2, 2012


Telephone group every Friday night, something new here but the brothers are really taking it seriously!

Some of this 52 aux. pioneers of our 109 publishers 17 of which are already regular pioneers....great to work together for the campaign!

Koddie and Margel....Koddie's best friend!

Some of the many guests and the wonderful wedding we went to!

They did a typical bolivian was beautiful, but you might note that the guys look sooooo tired their part was much more detailed and brisk fast movements.

The special Couple Willy and Jaye Cruz!

In our house with Pinky!

We squished 10 people into a two door VW Rabbit it was hysterical....can you tell Sergio is in pain!?!?!

Some sisters asked me to sing with their band for a gathering here some typical Bolivian songs....very nerve racking but LOTS of fun!

Pinky's Dinner Chicken Feet!

Tazo Jr. and Koddie

Dia Peaton (pedestrian day)  we rode 20 miles all around the city what a great day below are a few more pics of the city!  All streets were car free from 9-5 so everyone could ride their bike or walk on main avenues!  Koddie had the time of her life!

Laguna Alayala

Tired after a long day of bike ridding!!!

Giving Pinky a bath!

Fruit salad for lunch....Palmagranite is growing like crazy out here!
We have a minute to update our blog on the last month here.  Much has taken place, life is good, we are finally residents after much struggle and MUCH support from many special people out there (you know who you are!)  Jehovah used you when we needed help the most and we were able to reach our goal by much prayer, supplication, and hard work!  Fighting like Jacob for this priviledge was so worth it!  Charlie is now one of two elders at the hall, Dakota is back in her environment.  It is wonderful to be back working as a family for Jehovah's purpose!  Hope you enjoy the few pics we took in these last few weeks, want to keep you all on the journey with us!


  1. What a wonderful and encouraging post! Great pictures, you all look so happy!

  2. Thanks Lindsay for the words of encouragement! :-)

  3. YAY!!! I have been waiting for this update. I totally relate to the reference of fighting like Jacob for Jehovah's blessing. It's not easy, but it's so worth it!!!!

  4. You guys look so relaxed and happy- definitely a "blessing glow" on all of your faces. Hugs to all!! We think about you often.