Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hello Everyone!

So Julia left and our latest post shows some of the 1000 pics we took on her wonderful, upbuilding trip here.  You can imagine that when she left I felt quite sad, after spending 3 weeks together and showing her our home here being able to stay at Bethel and go to Issolated Territory, we took wonderful advantage of everyday we had with her! Unfortunatly though everything good must come to an end eventually!  Arampampa was amazing we hiked up hill 6 miles one way for 4.5 hours to reach people that have only been preached to twice...eventually ending up at the tallest city in the world.  Many only spoke Quecha, but understood spanish so we spoke and they listened atently!  It was soooo upbuilding them coming out to the streets to thank us for coming from soooo far to preach to them, with hands full of candy and Mote, (a toasted sort of corn...Choclo)  and after our long hike and wonderful experiences we headed back 8 miles home, a longer route but there were small communites on the way of a home or two at a time and the best part was that it was FLAT!!! ;-)  We then spent a week here in Cochabamba preaching and giving Julie a tour of the city, took her back to Santa Cruz, and said our goodbyes.  We came home today, and when we first got here I couldn't help feeling sad that Julie was no longer with us, but I had promised two RV's I would visit them this very afternoon.  So I got ready around 2pm and headed on my way alone because Charlie was pretty tired and Dakota needed to rest after so much traveling.  Sad and praying I got on the bus, but Jehovah answered my prayers quickly, I started studies at both RV's both being VERY happy that I came, thanking me for taking out the time to visit them.  One of them was even visiting with a friend when I came and her friend sat in on the study, being very interested on what we learned.  Needless to say my spirits are lifted, and I wanted to share it with you all, because sometimes we all feel down, but just hearing a happy thought makes us chin up.   Hopefully, this will make you guys smile also!  Love you all!

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