Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This new post is all about Koddie...for all grandparents, uncles and aunts both fleshly and spiritual(u know who you are!;-)  and everyone that has seen Koddie grow since she was a baby!  It's about her small baby steps in spiritual growth, in the pass few months we have been here in Bolivia.  Hope you all Enjoy!
Koddie ready to hike up the Tunari when we first came here!

Koddie at the assemby enjoying time with Shina and Fabi, two wonderful little girls that have been well trained from very little to love Jehovah with all their little hearts.

Koddie and Franco, his mom is studing and they come to the meetings regularly.  Dakota is often talking to him about what Jehovah loves amount those things good, obedient kids.

This was just cute!

In Arampampa getting the attention of the little ones so she could talk to them about Jehovah.

Hearding the Sheep literally! ;-P

At the Arampampa meeting Koddie's squished herself into the first row so she could show the other little kids where we were at in the Watchtower!

Relaxing in our backyard after a long morning in Service.

Just Koddie!!!

Joining a family at our hall for their family study, it was really great.  Dakota had her hand up the whole time, the only problem is getting here to focus on the information, and not just go off on a tangent about the paradise and Jehovah's love.  She often raises her hand at meeting, when we haven't even prepared a comment and starts talking about what Jehovah loves and hates, and how Jesus gave his life for us.  

Striking a pose at Bethel.

In service, the future pioneers of Jacaranda!  Helen and Koddie.

In service again enjoying the beautiful flowers and the avocado's that are just starting to grow.

Fun at the Part after RV's.


  1. Aww SOO cute!! Koddie you are my inspiration!!!! keep up the good work, LUV YA GIRL :-) Mena

  2. finally got the chance to sit down and look at your blog jeje! these pictures are amazing! and koddie is so big! and gorgeous! Que Jehova los bendiga y los cuide muchisimo! have fun! and keep posting pictures i really enjoy looking at them :) -Rebeca Correa