Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This is by a small river by the house we were staying ati

This Lady only spoke Quechua and lived off making these BEAUTIFUL kinda afgans.   She was soooooo happy we had come and understood spanish so she let us in and listened as we read text after text only shaking her head in agreement, and saying yes in Quechua...Hare.  It was so upbuilding only through the smile on her face and the twinkle in her eye could I tell that she understood and that she enjoyed the message!

After preaching to a small village on the way to Arampampa only about 10 this point we were half way so we had hiked up about 4 miles.

Eating one of the many meals we had together.  A group of ten we took turns making meals.

Back in Cochabamba with Julie, just taking her to tour the city.

In service by one of the MANY. MANY beautiful flower filled trees here in a Cochabamba spring.

Still in service.

In our territory.

So your wondering why this picture is here....this is Roxanna and her famous, fabulous Tucumana stand.  3 Bolivianos will get you a wonderful masa filled with potatos and meat or chicken...we had Julie HOOKED by the end of her trip they are WONDERFUL!

Ok so one of the only things I miss from the US besides my wonderful friends and know who you are is SUSHI, So we found a "Japanese"  place, it was horrible the joke of the night, but we had a great time anyway.  The Tempura was fried Chicken...what a joke....but I don't know what I was expecting in a country with NO coast! ;-P

On our way home from service on a Pasarella.

One of the many, meals the brothers provided for Julie's visit, they are so wonderfully HOSPITABLE!!!  This family in particular has had us for lunch 4 times in 4 months, and refuses us to bring anything saying we need to save our money to stay! :-)

3D movies in Cochabamba...Koddie just loved it!  But it was expensive REALLY $ was a special occation!

At a fountain for kids at a park close to our Cochabamba home.

A Cochala sunset!

Back at Bethel so we can say goodbye to Julie! :-(  This was the bed in our room we also had a beautiful living room with a sofa bed.

Julie's Room at Bethel...funny thing is it was the room we stayed in when we got here in June!

Koddie driving the tracter to get the literature out on time to all of Bethel!

We were able to stay Monday night...which meant we were able to go to Watchtower study, at this kingdom hall, it was wonderful!

Outside of the branch with our tour guide....funny thing was that the week before they were in Brooklyn for training and had met Jamie and Lisa, who talked to them about us here in Bolivia, and then by pure coincidence we took the tour with the sister and when we told her our names she remembered, Lisa and Jamie had mentioned's a small world, especially in Jehovah's organization.

Something about this pretty, sweet sister who serves in Bolivia Bethel but is from Germany reminds us of Brittany.  Her name is Daniella and she has just captured Dakota's heart!

Taking pics at Bethel


  1. Hi guys. Love the update, so encouraging to see you out in service and hear your funny stories. I especially like the Sushi story, funny. You all look so happy! Tania loveley and stylish as always. Los queremos. Elsa

  2. Thanks Elsa, we love you guys too! Great to hear from you!

  3. awesome pics! We miss you guys. Its been pretty busy up here with all the builds. You guys are missed but we are so happy to see you are having a blast! hope and dont hope you get your residence. We want you to come back and we want you to stay and keep helping. kinda hard to pick!
    I love koddies faces esp in the 3d pic! give her a hug from me and luca misses his american twin :)