Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Visa residency in Bolivia, Objeto determinado

We have gone through a lot of paperwork to get a month extension and a possible one year residency in Bolivia. Well I thought that we could give a little insight to those who are interested in coming. We have all the places and requirements all written down. So if u are interested I want to post a list and some pictures of what is required and the cost of it all.



  1. That would be nice to know about how to get a visa.

    Could you post how big the congregation is please? I'm assuming you are in Cochabamba, how many congregations are in that city?


  2. Who is SJ? Yeah we are in the process now but we will be posting soon once we have it all done. our congo is called Jacarranda. It's the name of a tree here. we have like 100 pub. But our att. is at 170's. We have only two elders here and one is ready to move to another area to help where there are no elders. char.