Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chinesse Italian meal at hour house....a crazy mix in Bolivia!

Koddie's first part in the school she spoke for a whole minute all in spanish....she has no problem with stage fright!

Entering Peru

Coast line in Peru by Lake Titicaca

Mountains across the street...literally!

Back in Bolivia taking a tour of Lake Titicaca the highest navigatable body of water in the world!

Isla del Sol in the middle of the lake.

Drama Crew, last rehersal night before Sunday.  Char was able to help make and move props and I helped with Makeup, and costume changes...what a HUGE privledge!

Drama Men

Koddie with her new puppy Pinky and her lil brother.

Drinking Coco juice with Jimmy and Janet in Santa Cruz.

In the Aviario at the Resort in Santa Cruz

One of the MANY amazing butterflies in the Mariposario.

Koddie LOVES the Wide variety of flowers here!

Walking into Aviario to see the wide variety of birds in Jehovah's creation.

We were in Arms length of this peacock at one point it spread it's wings but we weren't quick enough with the camera.

Back in Cochabamba with Julia.

Koddie working hard after all our travels scrubbing our clothes clean!

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