Sunday, September 4, 2011

We would like to call all this BAND practice , the congregation is soon to have a party and we were invited to join the musicians for band practice! Apparently they have live music for an hour or so every party,which is awesome ! This country is RICH with culture and their typical dances are beautiful.We sang for hours and played intruments we have never seen or even heard in preperation! f
This is called Patas de Ovejas or literally they are sheep hoves with this intresting instrument you make a sort of  bottle cap clashing together sound that is great in most latin music!

This takes the place of your cheese grater, most Puerto Rican's would recognize this sound it a GREAT salsa!

LLUVIA...or rain because when you turn it up side down sounds like a down pore!

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  1. K gusto ver k estan muy bien!! Nosotros ya los extranamos mucho y ya kiero k sea noviembre para verlos!!