Monday, August 22, 2011

Our dinning room ;-P there are two chairs missing.  Fresh fruit on the table at all times! 
Gas tank that fuels stove top, and more storeage area for plates countertop for cooking cutting etc.  Purifed water, we but that full "botellon"of water for $1.75 and have it delivered to our home every week.

Our bathroom or at least part of it, shower is in the middle of the room.  toilet and sink on either side, basically picture a guest bathroom with a shower in the middle.

 Here is the beds. We bought Dakota a fold up bed that turns into a sofa. It's got wheels on the bottom to move around a little. We have tried to make it feel like we are at home. As you can see we have some pictures of friends and family on the bed.
The beautiful sky on the way to Maica
Crossing the bridge to enter Maica
 Part of the territory is out in the farm. It has many good studies. It's called La Maica.
Koddie with Ana Maria tied up Quechua style.

The pigs (chanchos) were very hungry practically jumping out of their pen!
Beginning of La Maica.

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  1. aww- such a sweet pic of Dakota on the sister's back...She looks so happy! We think of you guys daily!