Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello Everyone

These couple of weeks have flown by but we just wanted to catch up with all of you!  Everything here is still wonderful, the few pictures we post every so often only take a chip off the ice burg of the culture, territory and wonderful brotherhood we have found in this country.  Our service has been very productive each of us conducting serveral bible studies, and about to start two studies with couples.  Yeasterday we worked for the first time some of out rural territory walking for countless miles, and enjoying the senery and conversations.  The brothers here have been nothing short of amazing always looking after us, inviting us...we have to twist their arms to allow us to cook for them, because many of them feel we should use the funds we have saved not to feed them, but to stay as long as we can!  Can you imagine that, how loving...but it still doesn't stop us from having a family or two over to our house every week and from constantly being invited.  Dakota is now getting pretty fluent with spanish throwing in Bolivian idioms in everyday conversation.  She is eager to preach, comment at meetings and is dying to take part in the school...we are definatly seeing the many blessings that Jehovah provides in our family.  We have many more pictures, that we will be posting little by little so you all can share in this wonderful experience of ours!

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  1. So rewarding! We're really happy for you guys and love reading your posts :) Good reminders of the really important things.