Monday, August 1, 2011

The view from Ruth's roof

At a Bolivian.  Each ride cost about 50-80 cents so we rode all 10 :-)

On the Passarela on our walk to the meeting.

At one of many very well kept and entertaining kids parks...entry fee 2 bolivians or 14cents

Not even halfway up the stairs to the CRISTO...half a mile up people that is twice up and down the Red Rocks stairs...feel the burn!

The bridge that leads you up the many stairs to the biggest CRISTO in the world.

This is the bark of a tree.... pretty crazy huh!

With some of Koddie's favorite teenagers in the hall at the park.

Yey we made it to the top of the CRISTO

View from the top!

Charque a Cochabamba specialty...dried llama meet then grilled...very tasty.

Lomo Montando

BBQ anyone?!?!

YUM!  The grill next to our apt.

Charlie making lunch

25 Bananas for a Dollar!

Haren and I after my first part in the school of Jacaranda

hospitality at brothers home Cows eating in front yard.

This was incredible Silpancho at the home of the Gomez home a single mother with son and daughter in truth they had hardly no furniture no kitchen sink or real stove in their home, but they showed us the true meaning of hospitality giving us a wonderful, delicious meal and sharing everything they had after service on Sunday!  

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