Sunday, July 3, 2011

Parque Central in Cochabamba.

Veronica y Joseito eating Saltenas at the Cancha...delicious food great company!

Dakota can't get enough Coke!

More pics of the
cancha where we bought everything dirt cheap to furnish our appt.

A Pasarella by our home and a trail to ride bike along the avenue of death.

Kingdom Hall

Typical park in the area

Popcorn anyone?!?  These little carts with Quechan or Aymaran women are found everywhere selling anything from popcorn to bread to fruits.  Not suggested for foreigners unless you want a free Calonic! ;-P

Dakota making friends everywhere she goes!

At our house on a sunny day with Nino the puppy

Hand washing fun fun!

Bolivian $$$ 7 Bolivianos for every $1.   To give you an idea of how far the $ goes for 10 bolivian centavos you can get 25 oranges about .10 cents.  you can travel in bus from one end of town to another for 1.7 bolivianos or .45 cents.    CHEAP!

Tunari on a "cold" day.  it was in the 50's yeasterday...tomorrow we are going to hike up it with the brothers 16,000 ft (+) above sea level!

At Dumbo with Haren y Aldo friends from the hall that we are renting our place from.  Wonderful people who have shown us amazing hospitality.

Banana Split

Cherry Bomb filled with Liquor on the bottom!

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