Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dakota dando testimonio.
 Aquí es parte del territorio. Dakota coloca tratados todos los días. Ella ya tiene su presentación para colocar sus tratados. Sin vergüenza lo hace.
Part of the territory here. Dakota has been placing tracts everyday with her presentation and she even tries to read a scripture to the householder. It's so cute to see her want to preach at the doors.

Abajo comimos con hermanos de la congre. Unos Misioneros nos animo a aprender otra idioma, Quechua. Hay mucha necesidad en este campo. Por ejemplo el promedio de estudios es 1,6 por publicador. Entonces hay gran crecimiento con personas que habla Quechua.

Here at lunch with some brothers in our congo.

Wow! How encouraging it was to eat lunch with some brothers! The couple at the end of the table are missionaries org. from Sweden. They have been serving here in Bolivia for twenty some years. Having served in the Circuit and District work they now have been reasigned to Cochabamba in Quechua language. It is very encouraging to hear the experiences they have had and are having. Quechua has 1.6 studies per publisher as opposed to the .5 in spanish. There is a ton of need here in native languages such as Quechua.

Crazy parrot!

They say that Bolivia has the largest variety of birds. The brothers that own this parrot said it came with the house. We have not seen so much variety yet but it is nice to eat organic foods all the time everything is fresh and made with no or very few preservatives. The food is great! Just need to mix up all the variety that they have.

Dicen que Bolivia tiene mas variedad de aves en el mundo. Y como hay tanta mexcla de cosas aqui hemos visto mucha comida y fruta fresca y organico.


  1. It sounds so wonderful! I can hardly wait to visit! Everything looks so beautiful!

  2. I am so happy to hear about the Quechua. In a neighboring congregation they just started the first Quechua (ecuadorian) group in the US!

  3. Wow, how exciting!! Son muy animadores tus experiencias, gracias por compartirlas con nosotros! It's so amazing to see how no matter how far you travel you can have a family and things in common to talk about; it is amazing how Jehovah provides! We Love you guys, con cuidado - Savanna

  4. We MISS YOU GUYS LIKE CRAZY ALREADY!!! But are glad you are already doing awesome!!! Pics are great......Rattatouie!!
    Britt : )

  5. Hey Tania, barely checking this website and I see you have already posted many updates, I'm looking through all of them and it looks like you guys are having a blast! Can I have your e-mail by the way...?