Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dakota in the Ayamara native garb
Greetings from Cochabamba.  We are still setting things up here,  so we will post more pictures soon. We are having a wonderful time, Bolivians are treating us like kings.  Some brothers we are staying with are looking after us so well, the food is WONDERFUL, culture very hospitable, people warm and loving.  Making us feel right at home!  Trying to find a place to live and a way to furnish it all, so yesterday we spent the whole day at "la cancha"  worlds biggest market, were you can find anything and everything imaginable.  We walked for miles comparing prices and looking at different options.  We love and miss you guys, and once we get a better internet connection we will definatly post some breath taking sights!

In the mean time please post your comments and thoughts we want to hear from all of you!  Love you all!  Charlie, Tania, and Dakota signing off from Chochabambino land! :-)


  1. Yaaay! Sounds like things are happening fast for you guys! Glad you guys made it safe and are making yourself at home! Can't wait to see more pics!!

  2. Thanks, we will try to post often, problem is the internet connection is slow here so we´ll so our best! :-)

  3. Your pictures are GREAT! We are so proud of you three! Love the letters and blog. I am now wearing tennis shoes to meetings and able to walk good to get out of those boots! Love, Mom